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Be a part of an energetic, active community of Healthcare professionals charting the future of this dynamic industry. RxOpinionsNow provides a forum for healthcare professionals to provide their insights and opinions to industry specialist market researchers.

We look to healthcare experts like you to share your insights, opinions, and vision, to help shape products and services coming to market, uncover trends and treatments, influence businesses to better serve the public’s needs and more.

We do this by engaging with a large active group of experts regularly through various Market Research approaches, methodologies & strategies. Often, the conversation starts with an interactive, online survey and can grow into other, more personal discussions.

Your insights and contributions to this research are of the most critical importance. Your voice and vision are essential in the areas of current and future treatments, medicines, therapies, education, and all the needs in this constantly evolving, dynamic field.

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RxOpinionsNow makes it easy for health professionals to participate in a variety of relevant healthcare research initiatives and surveys and get paid quickly for their contributions! One of the key things that separates us from other Medical Research Communities is our respect for your insights and time AND to pay you generously and QUICKLY. No longer do you need to wait 4 to 8 weeks for payment.

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Thousands of health professionals trust RxOpinionsNow to alert them to important paid medical surveys that are targeted to their area of expertise. Our members know that each invitation will clearly outline all survey details and that we’ll pay the incentive after each successfully completed survey.  As part of our commitment to being your trusted survey provider, we keep all of your information private and secure, reporting your survey responses in aggregate only, without the mention of any personally identifiable information.

What To Expect As A Member

You’ll receive exclusive invites to research studies that are tailored to your profession. Choose from a variety of survey types including online, telephone and in-person interviews, and even focus groups. Learn about new medical treatments and products before they are released. You’ll be paid for your valuable time and input when you qualify and complete a study.


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